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Enegix is developing Base One, the largest hydrogen project in the world which will be located in Ceará, in the north east of Brazil. The three year project will cost over USD $5B and produce enough green hydrogen to power the lives of over 200 million people in developing economies without emitting any carbon. Using a power to power strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost effective zero carbon grids, Enegix plans to create a new model of sustainable energy that powers humanity without costing the earth.

Power to Power

Base One, Brazil will use renewable assets to produce hydrogen which will then be shipped globally to power Enegix Zero Carbon Grids (EZCGs) which can be built and operated anywhere in the world. Our grids will provide affordable, dependable, zero carbon, and baseload electricity to governments, utilities and customers.

Capital Raise

To enable the transition to an equitable, affordable
and clean electricity future for an ever growing global population we must be resolved to take action now.

Base One, our keystone project has the ability to expand to over 100GW in the future which will supply potentially billions of people with clean electricity, mitigating further negative climate and environmental impacts and unlocking vast human potential allowing humanity to thrive.  

Enegix is looking to partner with investors and currently has an open capital round. The initial capital for Enegix will be used to fund our corporate costs and operations, legal, feasibility studies, environmental studies, internationalisation of patents and trademark protection. Further information and documentation can be accessed via our data room.

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