We must transition now.

The world is changing and we must not only change with it, but be committed to changing for it.

Enegix is pursuing a new model for sustainability. Using power at scale for green hydrogen production, innovative transportation technologies, and fuel cells and gas turbines to supply fuel and power through our Zero Carbon Platform.

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Watch our keynote livestream event announcing Enegix and our Base One Project in Brazil.

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Enabling the transition by powering humanity to achieve Net Zero.

"We have a responsibility to the billions of people that call earth home and to ourselves, to do what each of us is capable of doing, to change the way we live and think. It's going to take a collaborative approach and that will give us the results we need to see this job through. Let us not be the generation that fails. We must pursue zero carbon, zero waste and zero poverty. The energy transition is possible now if we do it together.

Wesley Cooke
Founder and CEO

Zero Carbon Platform.

The Enegix Zero Carbon Platform will provide hydrogen based Zero Carbon Fuel for mobility and hydrogen powered Zero Carbon Grids for electricity in key markets to replace high carbon emitting hydrocarbons including diesel and coal through baseload power contracts which can be built and operated anywhere in the world. These grids will provide affordable, dependable, zero carbon, and baseload electricity to governments, utilities and customers.

Enegix Event

Enegix is currently planning a global event where we will be announcing our Zero Carbon Platform and innovative products to enable the energy transition and hydrogen adoption plus sharing more about Base One, our hydrogen production plant in Brazil.

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