Powering humanity.

Enegix has been established with a vision to deploy and manage renewably powered, utility scale energy grids powered by hydrogen which is a key component in our strategy and will be used for electricity storage and distribution, transportation, fuel applications and re-electrification power plants to power the shift to renewable, zero emission economies in key markets.

A new model for
sustainability through
our Zero Carbon Platform.

Enegix is pursuing a new model for sustainability enabling the energy transition by using renewable power at scale for green hydrogen production, innovative transportation technologies, and fuel cells and gas turbines to supply fuel and power through our Zero Carbon Platform.

Make the transition

The future of energy is green, sustainable and for all people.  



Population grows by approximately 83 million annually



Tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) is released annually


Energy Poverty

Almost 1 billion people without electricity around the world


Net Increase

Energy increase needed to keep pace per year until 2040

Base One, Brazil

Enegix is developing Base One, the largest hydrogen project in the world which will be located in Ceará, in the north east of Brazil. The three year project produce enough green hydrogen to power the lives of over 200 million people in developing economies without emitting any carbon. Using a power to power strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost effective zero carbon grids, Enegix plans to create a new model of sustainable energy that powers humanity without costing the earth.

Climate and Community Renewal

Globally we emit around 50 billion tonnes of CO2e per year into the atmosphere, a sharp increase of 40% since 1990. In addition, we are facing a catastrophic sustainability crisis resulting in billions of people without access to the basics including housing, food, water and electricity. The world's poorest and developing economies rely on high emission energy sources like diesel and coal to power their communities. Enegix provides a viable alternative that can save the environment and countless lives.    

“For us, hydrogen represents a version of the future we aspire to. A new way to power our lives without polluting and destroying what matters most, our home, the one we all share and must protect. It’s the catalyst for a new energy equality revolution that affords the chance to use this technology for good to address the plight of the billions of people without access to the basics; housing, electricity, water and food who when left behind remain powerless to change their circumstances. A hydrogen economy is possible now, we must take the initiative and build it so that everyone can benefit from the universe's most abundant element.”

Wesley Cooke
Founder and CEO

Global Market Access

Brazil provides a strategic location for our renewable hydrogen production with direct access to all major international markets via ocean freight and a deep sea port. Our location includes unparalleled opportunity for future green renewable power capacity increases as part of our commitment to secure and transform power into exportable hydrogen.

Our Global Team

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Press Event

Enegix will be hosting a press event for media to answer questions about Enegix and Base One.

Thursday the 4th March, 2021

8:50AM BR / 11:50AM GMT / 12:50PM CET / 7:50PM GMT+8 / 10:50PM AEST

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